Serve as an Intern at Goodwill

The Champions for Good volunteer program includes all internships. Though all internships at Goodwill are unpaid, the opportunities offer “real-world” work experience. Our goal is to encourage leadership, increase their experience as professionals and support students as they learn. To participate as an intern a student must be currently enrolled in school and must be able to receive academic credit for their experience at Goodwill.

In addition, the following information will help us ensure an appropriate match for your academic and professional experience:

1. The credentials required of the supervisor (Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, Ph.D., etc.)

2. The number of hours required a week and/or for the semester for you to receive academic credit

3. Information regarding the subject areas and/or services desired for this experience

4. Information on how you are to be assessed and to whom this information should be reported

5. Any additional requirements such as: recording client sessions, additional documentation, etc.

This information should be provided in the institution’s Internship Contract/Agreement paperwork.

Learn more about our internship roles on the page titled, “Available Opportunities.” If your area of education meets the requirements and you are interested in one of the positions posted, please apply.  If you do not see an internship of interest, please click here to view opportunities at other nonprofits.

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