Goodwill Programs: Basic PC Skills Training

“I thank God for finding Goodwill and helping me begin my life again.”

As a single mother, Patricia raised three daughters on her salary as a route driver for a vending machine company.   Then, after nine years, Patricia lost her job and could no longer afford to keep up her house.  “At 44 years old, I was once again living with my mother and having to start my live over,” Patricia recalls.

Patricia knew that she needed computer training to succeed in today’s job market and wanted a career change. However, her computer class at the community college was large, fast-paced and provided little one-on-one time with the instructor. Frustrated, Patricia did not give up on the idea of computer training.

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A staff member from the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) suggested she check
out Basic PC Skills Training that was offered at Goodwill’s Gaston County Job Connection.

“As soon as I walked into the class the first day, I knew I was in the right place,” Patricia recalls. “The class was small enough that we received individual attention and the staff was positive and supportive.”  Patricia was soon looking forward, rather than dreading, coming to class each day.

Not only did Patricia learn Microsoft Word and Excel, she also learned how to use the internet in a job search and to develop a resume.  Most importantly, she gained confidence over the four-week course in her ability to learn new things.

Three years later, Patricia loves her new career. She works as a Customer Service Representative and handles brokerage for Quality Sales and Marketing.

“When I got this job, it was one of the best days of my life. The only reason I got it was because of Goodwill, which gave me the confidence I needed to excel,” Patricia says. “Everything I learned at Goodwill I apply here.”

After being displaced for many months, Patricia has returned to her former home, and no longer relies on her mother for support.

“I still have my home. I’m able to feed my family. I’m able to help people if they need it. I can buy clothes,” Patricia says of earning a paycheck.

“I thank God for finding Goodwill and helping me begin my life again. This is the best job I have ever had.”

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