Goodwill Program: Youth Job Connection

“I expected the job to come to me. If you want something, you have to go for it.”

When La’Gacy turned 16, she was excited to finally be old enough to get a job and start making her own money. Her excitement soon turned into frustration when she wasn’t receiving calls from potential employers.

“I was just waiting to be hired,” she recalls.

La’Gacy’s luck changed a year later when she found Goodwill’s Youth Job Connection. Through a series of workshops and assistance from a career counselor, she learned how to be professional in interviews and how to follow up with employers. La’Gacy says she also learned the importance of having good posture and using correct grammar on the job.

With her new skills, La’Gacy was offered a job at Bi-Lo as a cashier. The 18-year-old loves going to work and building relationships with customers.

“There are people that come in and call me by my name. I have a lot of repeat customers,” La’Gacy says.

While juggling work and school have caused her to miss out on some of her social life, she says the end result will be worth it. Working at Bi-Lo has taught her responsibility that will help her professionally for years to come.

The most important lesson La’Gacy learned from the Youth Job Connection: always be proactive when job hunting.

“I expected the job to come to me. If you want something, you have to go for it,” La’Gacy says.

La’Gacy will graduate this year from Independence High School and head off to college where she plans to major in education. She hopes to someday be a second-grade teacher and continue to impact people’s lives.

“I want to be that teacher that everyone remembers.”


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