Goodwill Program: South Boulevard JobLink and Banking and Customer Service Training

“When you don’t speak English, you feel alienated. You feel like you don’t have opportunities. My Goodwill instructors built up my self esteem again.”

Being an experienced psychologist didn’t matter when Aydee came to the U.S. from Colombia four years ago. The 37-year-old quickly realized English was key if she wanted to experience the American dream.

Working restaurant jobs on weekends and evenings, Aydee knew there was a stable daytime career in her future – and a better life for her family – if she could learn English and polish her existing skills.

To begin the process, Aydee left her comfort zone of working in a Spanish-speaking restaurant to a restaurant job where English was primarily spoken. She also took English as a second language  courses at CPCC.

Aydee says Goodwill’s South Boulevard JobLink helped put her back on the career path. She took resume and job readiness workshops before enrolling in Goodwill’s nine-week Banking and Customer Service training program.

Today, Aydee is thankful for her administrative assistant job at an immigration law firm and enjoys being home in the evenings and weekends to spend time with her 13-year-old daughter, Tatianaide, and her husband, Mike.

“I am so proud to say I work in a law firm,” says Aydee, who hopes to pursue an MBA in the future. “I like the person I see in the mirror.”

Aydee says she’s glad she overcame her fears of taking the Banking and Customer Service class in English. Besides computer and typing skills, she says the class prepared her for cultural differences in the workplace. More importantly, Aydee says, she learned how to sell herself for a job.

“When you don’t speak English, you feel alienated. You feel like you don’t have opportunities,” Aydee says. “My Goodwill instructors built up my self esteem again.”

Her advice to anyone with a language barrier: don’t give up.

“The opportunities are there. You have to go find it,” Aydee adds. “This is just the beginning. I have my dreams and I have many things to look forward to.”

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