Invest in our community’s future.

Goodwill’s Youth Job Connection provides employers with qualified, pre-screened youth, ages 14-21. When you hire an applicant from the Youth Job Connection, you make an investment in your community. More importantly, you make an investment in tomorrow’s workforce.

Youth Job Connection applicants make a commitment to working for you long before you receive their resumes. They have demonstrated their determination and enthusiasm for employment, and have completed skills training in which they have learned good work habits and customer service techniques. This training has given them the strong foundation on which to build a bright future.

Job opportunities for youth provide a real-world lesson in responsibility and accountability. Today’s youth already have a lot working against them. Violence and crime are four times more likely during after-school hours and youth are 37% more likely to become teen parents if they’re not engaged in productive activities.

Partner Benefits

The Youth Job Connection is your comprehensive center for qualified and trained youth workers for part-time, temporary or seasonal employment. As one of our business partners, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Youth who have completed training in customer service, good work habits and financial education.
  • Specialized training available for employers that hire multiple Youth Job Connection applicants (Retail Essentials Training).
  • Pre-screened applicants.
  • No more costly classified ads or job fairs.
  • Not having to sort through hundreds of resumes.
  • Ongoing support by Youth Job Connection staff.
  • Community recognition.
  • And best of all, it’s free!

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