Workforce Development Services
Have you ever seen the look on someone’s face when that person finally gets a job? It is a look of joy, confidence and even relief. It is a look that we get to see often at Goodwill as we help people feel the dignity that comes with a paycheck.

Thanks to our generous donors and retail customers, Goodwill is able to provide employment, job training and career services for people with disadvantages, such as welfare dependency, homelessness and lack of education or work experience, as well as those with physical, mental and emotional disabilities.

We provide services through training classes, our job resource centers and on-the-job training programs. Each of these services is designed to give participants the skills and training needed to find a job and keep a job.

Last year, Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont provided job training and employment services for over 13,000 individuals and placed more than nearly 1,100 of them in competitive jobs.

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