Donation Drives

Goodwill donation drives are excellent community service projects for corporations, schools, community organizations and places of worship. We can provide a temporary donation center with an attendant on duty to help handle your donations and issue donation receipts.

Donation drives are an easy opportunity to give back to the community while clearing out the clutter!

Business Donation Drives
Companies may sponsor donation drives targeting employees and the public when applicable. We will bring an attended donation truck to your business giving your interested parties a convenient opportunity to donate.

Organization Donation Drives
Whether you’re representing a school, club, or church, your organization can host a Goodwill donation drive. Many organizations decide to have drives to collect one particular item, such as a coats or shoes.  A Goodwill employee will work with you to help organize your event, provide marketing materials, and arrange to pick up the donations.

University Drives
Goodwill works with many local colleges and universities to have donation drives. These drives are normally held at the end of a semester when students are preparing to move out.  They can donate clothing, shoes, accessories and even text books. Also, campus organizations such as sororities, fraternities or the student government association can sponsor these donation drives.

For more information on planning a donation drive, please call Michelle Daley at 704-393-6885 or e-mail her at

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